Michael Anderson

    Simulation and education customers are very sophisticated and understand how to explore price for value. They have budget parameters for their simulation and education medical supply and equipment programs. At Pocket Nurse, we are very aware and sensitive to those parameters. One of our goals is to help each of our customers maximize their budgets as far as possible.

    Educators want to give their students the most equipment and supplies so they can reach their educational goals. Many of our customers explore purchasing brand-new equipment, but find it can be very expensive and significantly limit their budgets. Typically, sourcing new equipment involves going directly to the manufacturer, which limits options, types of equipment, and access to other simulation solutions, such as simulated medications, personal protection gear, diagnostic tools, and so on. (All of which Pocket Nurse offers via its catalogs and websites.)

    Remanufactured simulation equipment is one of the best value solutions that Pocket Nurse offers. Our refurbished options include hospital beds and IV pumps, just to name two. We can customize length of warranty and service with the customer. We have partnered with industry-leading remanufacturing companies for many years. These companies have excellent reconditioning programs, warranties, labor, and technical support for their reconditioned products. In addition, we offer two- and three-year labor and part warranties on many of our remanufactured products.

    The video below is an example of our hospital bed remanufacturing process, which is one of the best in the industry. These beds come with a three-year warranty.

    This next video shows the remanufacturing process for our pumps, and is one of the best in the industry. These pumps come with an exclusive two-year warranty as well as current software and product libraries, plus tubing sets to get you started.



    Monet Medical Reconditioned Medley from Monet Medical on Vimeo.

    Many customers only seek the lowest price on remanufactured products. Being obsessed with finding the lowest price can create a big headache down the line. The quality of the remanufacture may be poor; warranties may be shorter or non-existent; and a low price may indicate no labor or technical support.

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    We give our customers value in remanufactured products by providing industry leading refurbished products, with teams to support labor and technical issues, and industry-leading warranties. While it is true that the prices aren’t the lowest, our customers understand that Pocket Nurse and our vendor partners will stand behind those products as we have done for nearly 28 years.

    Value is a long-term proposition, and pricing is short term. Please keep this in mind the next time you are looking to upgrade your equipment and have a budget to keep, while reaching the goals of your program and your students.

    Michael Anderson is Regional Territory Manager, West, for Pocket Nurse. He meets and exceeds customer expectations by making sure every one gets the value they need in their purchases.