Nicki Goedecke

    Since 2016, we’ve provided regular content on the SimTalk Blog on the topics of healthcare education, simulation, and current events in the healthcare field. During that time, we’ve been honored to share our knowledge and expertise around medical simulation while connecting with and learning from our readers.

    A lot has changed since 2016, and while our goal of advancing healthcare simulation has not changed, our communication channels and methods of sharing information have shifted and evolved. In order to continue to provide you with the highest quality service and information about our products, we have chosen to retire the SimTalk Blog.

    What Does This Mean for the Blog Posts?

    Every published SimTalk Blog post since 2016 will still be accessible until the end of February, 2022. After that time, the posts will no longer be live, and the url will no longer be available.  We encourage you to visit the Pocket Nurse home page, where you can find information about ongoing sweepstakes and promotions, as well as our full catalog of products for simulation education and information about each product.

    How Can I Stay Connected with Pocket Nurse?

    We encourage you to stay connected with us! While the blog may be closing, we aren’t going anywhere. The best way to get the most up-to-date information from us is to subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media. Here’s where to find us:

    This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you soon.  Sooner than you think, if you go follow our social handles and subscribe to our emails 😊