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    Nurses provide highly skilled, expert care with dignity and kindness throughout our nation’s network of hospitals and extended healthcare facilities. Nurses’ compassion extends to patients’ families and to the communities nurses serve.

    Pocket Nurse® is especially proud of nursing contributions to education, which are the leading Pocket Nurse connection to our nursing colleagues and customers. Through education and simulation, with use of Pocket Nurse solutions, nurses’ skills are cultivated and translated into safe patient care at the bedside.

    Every person has interacted with a nurse at some point. With nurses being a part of so many lives, I would like to share some nursing statistics with you:

    Employment Trends for Nurses

    Registered nurses work at:

    • State, local, and private hospitals (61 percent)
    • Nursing and residential care facilities (7 percent)
    • Physician offices (7 percent)
    • Home healthcare services (6 percent)
    • Government (6 percent)
    • Employment for registered nurses is expected to grow 19 percent from now through 2022. Registered nurses hold 2.7 million healthcare jobs, the largest number in healthcare occupations (as of 2012). (Source)

    Why share these statistics today?

    National Nurses Week takes place annually May 6-12. It is a celebratory week for the profession.

    It is celebrated at the same time each year to recognize Florence Nightingale’s birthday, which is May 12. Nightingale is well known as an English social reformer and statistician, and the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale came to prominence while serving as a manager of nurses trained by her during the Crimean War, where she organized the tending of wounded soldiers. She gave nursing a highly favorable reputation and became an icon of Victorian culture, especially in the persona of "The Lady of the Lamp," making rounds checking on wounded soldiers at night. To honor her memory, nursing programs light Lamps of Learning at their graduation ceremonies.

    An Interesting Career

    I have transitioned from student nurse, to bedside nurse, to nurse educator, to simulation educator due to the support and direction of the many innovative, influential, and inspiring nursing professionals with whom I have had the privilege to work. The various opportunities granted to me can inspire the nurses of the future by showing the many opportunities that exist in the nursing profession. I can’t think of another profession that provides opportunities to specialize and be creative in so many different areas.

    As a nurse employed by Pocket Nurse, I would like to take the opportunity to raise awareness of this important week for all nurses, nurse educators, and our owner Anthony Battaglia (a nurse of 25-plus years), who has made success at Pocket Nurse possible for many.

    Anthony has inspired me in the following ways:

    • Anthony works each day beside me and with the team at Pocket Nurse to respond to the needs of nurse educators and the rest of our education customers. Many products, solutions, protocols, and ideas have come to fruition from Anthony’s innovative style and influential decisions, plans, and protocols.
    • Pocket Nurse is well known as the go-to company for more than product solutions. We aim to be creative solution finders and influence the healthcare community to partnering with us. We offer several channels for customers to reach us, leave suggestions, and get helpful information.
    • Pocket Nurse offers thousands of product solutions, and there is no limit on how many more we add to our portfolio. If there is a need, Anthony will find a solution.

    I could not feel more confident in the decision I made years ago to have picked nursing as my career. The opportunities and positions available are limitless and the professionals I have been privileged to learn from and work with are too many to list.

    This special week is a perfect time for Pocket Nurse to thank all nurse educators for keeping us going. Pocket Nurse would also like to take this opportunity to honor all nurses and those that have contributed to the profession.

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    BL-NW-BethTelesz_05-2018Beth Telesz, MSN, RN, is the Nurse Educator at Pocket Nurse, providing product education and solutions to our Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing Teams. She has been a nurse and nurse educator for 20 years.