Justina Luckey

    The title “salesperson” can sometimes create a negative reaction. Almost everyone can recall a time when just knowing an interaction with a salesperson was coming up caused a pit in one’s stomach. Whether it’s a professional transaction with a fellow businessperson or the personal experience of buying a car, many people approach the sales experience with dread.

    Yet, not all salespeople are created equal. Speaking broadly, salespeople fall into two categories. Although they may have the word “sales” in their title, they have key differences that set them apart.

    Salesperson Versus Sales Consultant

    The two types of individuals one can deal with when making a transaction are the simple salesperson and the sales consultant.

    “Just” a salesperson:

    • Is focused on making a sale, not on creating a relationship
    • May get irritated or frustrated when a customer hits the pause button to ask a question or search out more information
    • Is bothered by questions, not helpful
    • Switches the language of a transaction to a “get it now; inventory is low” message

    A sales consultant:

    • Actively works with a customer to understand their needs and find the best solution
    • Creates a needs analysis by asking appropriate questions
    • Is an expert on the product solutions available through their company
    • Considers the customer’s budget instead of focusing on the most expensive inventory
    • Focuses on the long-term goal of a project, and is willing to work on a project with the customer, from the its infancy stages, through completion
    • Provides support and follow-up as long as the customer needs

    Sales consultants genuinely want to work with their customers to find the best solutions to fit their needs. Consultants prioritize relationships over sales dollars. They know if a customer’s experience isn’t positive from the get-go, that customer won’t return.

    At Pocket Nurse, the sales team strives to be sales consultants, not simply salespeople. Each member of the team – regional territory managers, account managers, and account representatives – receives product education through our team of nurse educators. They don’t work remotely; they attend trade shows, and they are willing to travel to the customer to perform a needs analysis to truly grasp the requirements of an organization.

    Meet the Pocket Nurse Sales Team!

    Is a school building a new simulation lab? Do instructors want to create student health totes for their classes? Is an established sim lab in need of restocking supplies or more up-to-date capital equipment? A Pocket Nurse representative wants to understand all the problems so he or she can provide a solution. In addition, many of our reps are aware of funding and grant opportunities to expand the budget an organization is working with.

    Vendors travel to Pocket Nurse as well, in order to fully educate our teams on the product solutions that we distribute. While many of these vendors sell directly to clinics and hospitals, they provide Pocket Nurse with products for education as well, including refurbished equipment with outstanding warranties. Vendors who work with Pocket Nurse understand the value of properly educating healthcare students. Real-life products enhance simulation in education, and familiarize students with what they will be working with in their careers.

    Don’t settle for “just” a salesperson; build a relationship with an expert who wants to help. Contact Pocket Nurse today.

    Justina Luckey is the Business Development Manager at Pocket Nurse. She can be reached at jluckey@pocketnurse.com.