Todd Vreeland

    Practicing as if one is in a real emergency situation is a key concept for effective simulation. EMS students need to perform their assessments and treatment with as much realism as possible.

    The First-in Bag (FIB), the official competition bag of the National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) Hands-On Experience, was developed to provide educators with a one-stop solution for educators conducting paramedic education and National Registry of Emergency medical Technicians (NREMT) Advanced Level Psychomotor Exams. The FIB contains:

    • All of the equipment and supplies on the NREMT Advanced Level Psychomotor Examination Equipment List (2017, pp. 11-14) that should be contained in a First-in Bag of the Integrated Out-of-Hospital Scenario Skill Station.
    • At least one type of medication from each class on the NREMT list is in the FIB (FIB list pp. 12-13 and Medication pp. 13-14) with the exception of Hydroxocobalamin (Demo Dose® CyanoKT Kit).
    • The only additional equipment needed for simulated patient care not included in the FIB is a simulated ECG monitor with capnography capability.

    The FIB supports the needs of EMS students and educators by putting all the tools for assessment and treatment of simulated patient's in one convenient bag location. During formative and summative scenario skill stations, students have their equipment assembled as it would in the field versus just the equipment/supplies needed for the isolated skill station.




    Students develop proper medication administration "muscle memory" by using simulated medication.

    • Same size vial, ampules, syringes
    • Experience the subtleties of drawing up medication (ampules)
    • Experience the subtleties of reconstitution of medications (dual chamber vials/two vials)
    • Experience drawing up and administering the correct volume of controlled substances

    Students learn the affective skill of maintaining equipment readiness. They go through the exercise of cleaning and restocking the bag after use.

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    This is a guest post from J. Todd Vreeland, former project lead on the NREMT psychomotor exam. Vreeland is the owner of J. Todd Vreeland Consulting, committed to ensuring the protection of the public through high-quality EMS education and patient-centered delivery of out-of-hospital medical care.