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    One of the fastest growing fields in the United States is undoubtedly the medical field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers for nurse aides and personal care aides will grow by 16 to 36 percent. This is faster than the average for all occupations. Unfortunately, keeping up with demand has been challenging for the current educational system.

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) offer skilled care and knowledge that is hard to come by. They provide activities of daily living (ADL) such as eating, toileting, grooming, and more. They are also knowledgeable regarding body processes and understand when it is important to involve other disciplines in the care of the patient/resident. Here we will explain why having a Nurse Aide Training Program at a nursing school is ideal.

    Reason #1

    Nurse Aide Training is a federally regulated program. In 1987 the OBRA Act was passed, making it mandatory that all persons who wish to provide personal care to the elderly and call themselves a CNA must meet certain criteria. They must have at least 75 hours of training, with 16 of those hours providing hands-on care to the elderly. Also, all CNAs must be registered with their state to protect those who need care. This law allows for formal complaint processes, and confirmation of training and abilities of the person in question. Consumers are more comfortable hiring a person to care for their loved one who is certified and registered with the state. It adds a level of accountability and credibility.

    Reason #2

    According to The U.S. Census Bureau, current population of baby boomers is 74.5 million In the United States. Come 2029 all baby boomers will officially be over the age of 65 and will need specialized care. Our aging population relies on the care that is often provided by CNAs. Our population is living much longer with multiple co-morbidities that require skilled care. With the current push for bachelor’s- and master’s-prepared education, skilled training such as nurse aide education is slowly but surely being forgotten however much needed. We need to make sure we are filling this gap.

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    Reason #3

    Millennials are now the most populous generation. With a whopping 75.9 million of them, we need to make sure that they are aware the CNA career path is an option for them. Many universities are now requiring that nursing majors obtain a CNA certification before enrolling in a nursing program. Due to the number of individuals enrolling in nursing school, many colleges are unable to accommodate all students trying to fulfill this prerequisite. Increasing the number of CNA programs by adding it to the offering can solve this problem.

    CNA programming is in demand and can be very profitable for organizations. Current healthcare career schools may want to consider adding this program. Pocket Nurse offers supplies and equipment that are needed for nurse aide training programs.

    headshot2 2019This is a guest post from Victoria Randle, NP-C, of The CNA Instructor Consultants, a consulting firm that specializes in helping institutions gain approval to operate state-approved Nurse Aide Training Programs.


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