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    The face of healthcare changes continually. New technology, advancements, and clinical processes all support the goals of creating a better patient experience, improving patients’ health, and promoting lifestyle habits that sustain good health and/or help maintain a chronic condition.

    Patients value the relationships they have with their providers and members of the allied health team; those interactions often set the tone for patients’ adherence to their treatment plan or willingness to ask questions when they are unsure about treatment.

    Allied healthcare educators must continue to provide value in applied skill development, to prepare students to deliver the exemplary care that patients need and deserve.

    Allied health programs must create laboratory experiences that allow students to develop the knowledge and skills that are in demand. Student seek quality learning experiences that lead to success on credentialing exams and job placement upon program completion. Pocket Nurse is a one-stop-shop for allied health educators to create those quality experiences.

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    My name is LiAnne Brown. I am a pharmacy technician, an allied health educator, and an instructional designer with more than twenty-five years of combined industry experience. I also run the educational consulting firm Genesis Education Consulting.

    I have been using Pocket Nurse solutions in the classroom for over

    a decade. Pocket Nurse continues to provide a broad offering of tools that draw students into what it will really be like to work in a community- or hospital-based pharmacy.  Whenever I provide feedback on a product, make a product suggestion, or seek assistance, Pocket Nurse always listens and responds.

    Educators who have practiced in their fields and maintain currency with industry trends know the types of solutions that students are likely to need. Incorporating those elements into simulation helps educators ensure that their lab simulation reflects the actual practice setting. The Pocket Nurse product line expands regularly, with the addition of new package sizes, dosage forms, and laboratory supplies. I am always excited to learn about new product offerings that were added based on suggestions by me and other educators around the country.

    Pharmacy technician education is also evolving along with the changing healthcare environment. I look forward to contributing practical perspective to the SimTalk Blog, on topics relevant to technician educators and the network of pharmacy technicians nationwide who want to get the most out of their practice and contributions to the healthcare team.


    My name is Justina Luckey and my role at Pocket Nurse as a Pharmacy Business Development Manager is to work with professionals like LiAnne to make sure our offering serves the educational community. Pocket Nurse has always been receptive to receiving feedback and suggestions; in fact it is part of the culture that our owner Anthony Battaglia has cultivated over the years.

    Feedback through our Customer Service team or one of our Sales Representatives always makes its way back to the Business Development Managers for consideration. We also had a specific email address created so that customers can submit product requests for direct review – . Industry trade shows and conferences are sometimes the best way to have a face-to-face interaction with a Pocket Nurse representative.

    Pocket Nurse has a new Pharmacy Education catalog available to view today. View it here, and if you'd like to receive a printed copy, please let us know here.