Tina Greiff

    The main challenges facing military medics are expertise and time. Making it easier for them to learn through simulation is one reason Pocket Nurse has teamed up with BMK Ventures.

    BMK Ventures (BMKV) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), which means it is certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as an independent business owned and operated by an armed forces veteran disabled in the line of duty.

    BMK Ventures, Inc. (BMKV) is a manufacturer of SIM-X kits for simulation. This kits are built to enhance the operational safety and survivability of military, law enforcement, first responder, and public safety markets. Sim-X are realistic simulation kits designed by end-user requirements.

    BMKV is one of the leading distributors for a wide variety of products and services that support and supplement everything surrounding tactical medicine; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense (CBRNE); fire and rescue; shelters; and training and simulation.

    Together Pocket Nurse and BMK Ventures provide simulation products, specifically our Demo Dose® Simulated Medication, through procurement avenues like the ECAT Contract #SPM 2D 1-14-D-8200. The value of realistic simulations to prepare professionals for the next critical task is our goal.

    Simulation Solutions for Military Medics

    Demo Dose® included with the Sim-X BMK simulation kits:

    1. Ketamine HCl 10 mL MVD 500 mg/10 mL, Injection
        Therapeutic class: Non-barbiturate anesthetic

        For use as an anesthetic and a muscle relaxant.

    2. LPN/LVN Tote: A pre-designed tote tailored to focus on patient diagnostic practices and wound dressing. Tote included.

    3. Simulated Blood: Use to instruct on in-the-field transfusion and transportation.

    4. Tranexamc Acd Injection (Cyklokaprn), 10 mL 1000 mg/10 mL
    Therapeutic class: Clotting agent
    For use to promote fast blood clotting to prevent excessive blood loss.

    Tina Greiff is Business Development Manager at Pocket Nurse.