Mike Anderson

    Simulation is about much more than education. It is heart, humanness, and caring about others before oneself.

    Last week, we talked a little bit about patient safety, and why it matters – not only to us, but to you.

    I attended a sales conference recently where I was asked, “What is the most important thing to everyone about their company?”

    And I realized, listening to other sales people answer the question, that profit, margin, increased sales, and landing more customers were not the most important thing to me.

    Of course, those things are important. Every company wants to be successful, and success is usually measured by profits, margins, and so on.

    But the two most important things to us at Pocket Nurse are our customers and our employees.

    We build our product offering around you, our healthcare educators. Those who choose healthcare are unselfish; nurses, EMTs, and allied healthcare professionals want to help people, and educators in those fields want to share their knowledge to help even more.

    In my opinion, the most important thing about our company is our employees and how we help you, our customers, reach your goals. As a Pocket Nurse employee, we are encouraged to genuinely care about you, make sure we are offering the right products for education and simulation, and help you stretch your budgets effectively.

    When I brought this up at the sales meeting I was at – that the most important things about my company were its employees and customers – I got some good-natured ribbing. But I stand by the motivation of caring for others inherent in nursing and nursing education.

    Pocket Nurse employees have a mission to genuinely care about our customers and your goals for your simulation program. It’s not all about our bottom line; it’s about your success. We offer quality medical and simulation equipment so you can build a top-notch simulation program.

    Because we want to be a leader in the simulation field, we are also branching out into PharmEd and EMSEd to provide the proper solutions for success in those fields as well.

    The sales trainer at my conference suggested I had a big heart and needed a hug, and maybe he’s not wrong. In the field of healthcare education and simulation, a big heart is an advantage, not a detriment. It helps us help you. That’s Pocket Nurse’s bottom line.