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Category: simulation-in-nursing

Identifying and Addressing Disengagement in the Simulation Lab

In a recent Pocket Nurse® survey, 30 percent of the 555 healthcare educators who responded noted that student engagement and retention were their biggest professional challenges. Disengagement in...

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4 Obesity Nursing Care Plan Simulations

With such a significant percentage of the U.S. population being obese, and with its impact on health, healthcare providers are going to need to be prepared to provide care for overweight and obese...

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Virtual Reality in Nursing Education

One of the newest and most exciting tools that is being introduced into nursing simulation labs is virtual reality (VR). Although VR systems differ in the details, they all offer a similar...

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Faculty Roles in Simulation

This is more information from the white paper Challenges of Implementing Healthcare Simulation in Community Colleges. For our first summary of this white paper, see our article on funding...

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Running Simulation on a Shoestring

As we have seen, setting up and maintaining a simulation program comes with a steep price tag. However, most schools with nursing, pharmacy, and allied healthcare programs are coming to realize...

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3 Ways Simulation Can Fast-Track Your Learning Efforts

How can simulation-based training accelerate student learning?

Medicine traditionally relies on a "see one, do one" approach to learning and experience. In this context, didactic learning tends to...

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3 Funding Challenges Facing Simulation Programs at Community Colleges (and Ways to Solve Them)

This information is from the white paper Challenges of Implementing Healthcare Simulation in Community Colleges. Any quoted percentages are from the surveyed institutions. For more information, or...

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Entering the Realm of Simulation: An Educator’s Perspective

The decision to complete an RN-MSN program led me to Robert Morris University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and into healthcare simulation at the Research and Innovation in Simulation Education...

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Enhancing Nurse Education Through Innovation

Nurses solve problems. Nurses and nurse educators are innovators and inventors. In their roles of patient care advocates, they often come up with new and innovative ideas to improve nursing...

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