Evan Stiger
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    Simulation is a favored teaching methodology in healthcare education. As discussed in our previous posts, “What is Simulation” and “Why Use Simulation,” simulation allows students to build hands-on experience in a risk-free, safe environment. For all its benefits, adopting simulation can be difficult. The following best practices should be considered ...

    Pocket Nurse Education ...
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    Pocket Nurse founder and CEO Anthony Battaglia, RN, MSN, BSN, has been involved with nursing education and healthcare simulation since 1992. Having nurse educators on the team to familiarize Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing department employees has always been important to him. Current corporate nurse educators are Fabien Pampaloni, MSN, RN and ...

    Dawn Mangine
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    A phrase that we keep encountering as we research and write about simulation is “cognitive load.”

    For students, cognitive load means the point at which there is so much information, they are no longer learning. In layperson terms, cognitive load means TMI – too much information! Our brains are only capable of absorbing so much at a time.