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Category: patient-safety

Teaching How to Improve Care for Bariatric Patients

Treating bariatric patients can be challenging. Patients with obesity may delay seeing a healthcare provider for routine medical care.

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3 Creative Ways to Use Simulated Bacteria

Simulated bacteria is a tool used to teach proper aseptic techniques. It’s a gel or powder that doesn’t appear in normal lighting, but glows under ultraviolet (UV) light, often called black light.

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Teaching Simulation to Enhance In-Home Care

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Jayme Maley

Simulation education doesn’t end once a student leaves the classroom and enters the hospital as a healthcare provider. Medical professionals are using the tools and tactics with which they were...

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Ask-a-Nurse Seeks to Address Simulation-Related Queries

Simulation in education is still a young field, although it’s been rapidly adopted in nursing programs, EMS training programs, and other allied health educational programs over the past 10 years....

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