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Neurodiagnostics: “Because Your Brain Matters”

Neurodiagnostics is the analysis and monitoring of the nervous system function of patients in order to help physicians decide and perform effective treatment of neurological diseases and...

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4 Key Elements for a Simulation Scenario

Posted on April 17, 2018 by Katy Mogg

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of tagging along to observe the Ross/West View EMS Division on one of their quarterly training weekends. During the exercise, I learned what it takes for an...

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Faculty Roles in Simulation

This is more information from the white paper Challenges of Implementing Healthcare Simulation in Community Colleges. For our first summary of this white paper, see our article on funding...

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Running Simulation on a Shoestring

As we have seen, setting up and maintaining a simulation program comes with a steep price tag. However, most schools with nursing, pharmacy, and allied healthcare programs are coming to realize...

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3 Ways Simulation Can Fast-Track Your Learning Efforts

How can simulation-based training accelerate student learning?

Medicine traditionally relies on a "see one, do one" approach to learning and experience. In this context, didactic learning tends to...

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Making Social Media Work for Emergency Responders

Posted on April 3, 2018 by Evan Stiger

Social media is an invaluable tool for contemporary emergency medical service (EMS) agencies. With it, first responders can provide real-time information on community emergencies to their local...

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Women in EMS: Leaugeay Barnes

Leaugeay Barnes, educator, writer, and experienced paramedic, was kind enough to talk to us about her career in Emergency Medical Services for Women’s History Month. Thanks for taking some time!

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Breaking Barriers: Mary Elizabeth Carnegie

Mary Elizabeth Carnegie (April 19, 1916, to February 20, 2008) was a nursing educator and author who worked tirelessly for the cause of African American nurses. She was the first black nurse to...

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Patient-Centered Diabetes Education

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone at any time. Our bodies need and use glucose to fuel our cells, but certain conditions reduce cell access or ability to use glucose properly. If the...

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3 Funding Challenges Facing Simulation Programs at Community Colleges (and Ways to Solve Them)

This information is from the white paper Challenges of Implementing Healthcare Simulation in Community Colleges. Any quoted percentages are from the surveyed institutions. For more information, or...

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