Michael Anderson

    I have the pleasure of working with hundreds of experienced Nurse Educators every year who deal exclusively with Pocket Nurse. They depend on us to provide quality equipment, quality service, and peace of mind, as well as the superior customer experience they have grown accustomed to.

    We work diligently together to construct their labs with the proper equipment and supplies to reach the goals of their school’s program for the students. We have over 6,000 products for education and simulation and many of those product ideas have come from these very nursing leaders. They trust us with guiding them to the best overall purchasing experience for all areas of their program.

    I recently worked with a long-time customer who needed multiple units of some very expensive defibrillators. Over the years we have provided them myriad different equipment and supplies, but this potential order could be their largest. They loved our refurbished defibrillator offering, but the particular unit they wanted was significantly more expensive than any of our other units because it was in extremely high demand but very hard to come by.

    I let them know that I had other refurbished units that were of very good quality and could perform the same functions at a much lower price point to help them stretch their lab budget. They insisted on the more expensive model because their city uses it exclusively in their local hospitals and they wanted to train their students on the exact equipment that they would use once they graduated. They understood the increased price for that particular unit and told me that based on the total cost of the potential order, they would need to get multiple quotes from other vendors per university requirements. The bottom line to them was quality for the students.

    At that point I went to work with our remanufacturing team to get them pricing on a total overhaul on those units. I realized that our pricing would be higher than other vendors because our remanufacturing process was more thorough than anything they would be able to find in the country. The quality of the product and warranty was the most important thing to reach their goals. The cheapest pricing by a subpar remanufacturing job on such a quality piece of equipment was not going to benefit them. I wanted to provide a like-new product with an industry-leading warranty and world-class customer support team backing it.

    After I submitted the quote and specifications for the product to the school, the purchasing team asked why our quote was higher than any of the other quotes they received -- in their words “much higher.” I explained that if they wanted the best product for their students, they needed to have the best quality, warranty, and service to go with it, and that is what Pocket Nurse provides as a company.

    I am proud to report that the customer made the purchase through Pocket Nurse for all the right reasons, and this approach is what our Pocket Nurse team strives for every day.

    Michael Anderson is Regional Territory Manager for the west; he is on Twitter at @PocketNurseRTM. View our selection of defibrillators at www.PocketNurse.com.