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Author: Bailey Salvati

Preparing Nursing Students for Global Disasters

Throughout the world, 255 million people are affected by massive global disasters, and 62,000 people die every year. Public health nurses are often the major source of healthcare when these...

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Learn to “Stop the Bleed” and Save a Life

Since 2005, in the United States, unintentional injury has been the leading cause of death for people ages 1-44 years old. More often than not, bystanders are the first people on the scene when...

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3 Areas of Interpersonal Communication Skills for Pharmacy Students

A good pharmacist needs to possess a scientific mindset, which is also a crucial component in surviving pharmacy school. However, becoming a great pharmacist requires a scientific mind and...

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Taking a Temperature: Teaching Thermometer Options

Body temperature is an important vital sign, and helps healthcare professionals quickly determine a patient’s medical situation. In pediatric care, a normal or subnormal temperature reveals a...

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