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Author: Anthony Battaglia

Nurses Week: Inspire, Innovate, and Influence

Nursing is a great profession because of the many different types of opportunities nursing has to offer. Nursing specialties include nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, perfusionist, and my...

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Making Simulation Come to Life

At Pocket Nurse®, we make it our goal to enhance suitable learning environments for future healthcare professionals. As part of this responsibility, which we take very seriously, we make a point... Read More

Ethical Principles in Nursing Education

The National League for Nursing (NLN) has developed ethical principles for nursing education programs, based on the NLN core values of caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence. Nurse educators...

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5 Things We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

1. Nurse Educators and All Our Customers in Education At Pocket Nurse®, we strive to be a valuable partner to those who have made it their life’s work to educate the healthcare professionals of the...

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Developing Diabetes Simulation for Education

Every November, National Diabetes Awareness Month is observed to raise awareness with individuals, health care professionals, organizations, and communities across the country who are directly or...

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What the FDA Ban on Antibacterial Cleansers Means to Hand Hygiene in Healthcare

In healthcare settings, hand hygiene is the single most important measure for preventing the spread of infection. Healthcare-associated infections, including those caused by multi-drug-resistant...

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