Evan Stiger

    Physical therapy and the healthcare industry are constantly changing. Every day there are new standards, technology, and innovations happening around the world. Pocket Nurse attended the 2019 American Physical Therapy Association Educational Leadership Conference (ELC) in Bellevue, Washington. The following are key takeaways from the conference.

    Interprofessional Education (IPE)

    The opening keynote session pointed the focus of the show squarely on IPE. Keynote Speaker Dr. Jody Gittel presented her studies in relational coordination in healthcare. One of the key challenges Gittel discovered in patient care was coordination among different healthcare professionals.

    The solution to challenges in interprofessional collaboration is a foundation in education. Schools must bring different healthcare students together to learn more about one another. Introducing these concepts during learning allows new clinicians to improve the industry’s interprofessional ability through practice and advocacy.

    The Opioid Epidemic

    It’s no surprise that the nation’s opioid crisis will impact physical therapy. The session “Building the Future of Pain Management in Physical Therapy” discussed physical therapy’s role in replacing opioids in pain management efforts.

    The presentation “Seven Days in Heroin” discussed the role physical therapists have in combatting recidivism among addicts.

    Given the significance of the opioid crisis, physical therapists must be aware of the sociological and psychological causes of addiction as well as their role in addressing it.


    Simulation Education

    Simulation in physical therapy is growing more complex every year. Scenarios don’t focus only on therapy and diagnosis but on interprofessional collaboration, communication, telehealth, critical thinking, and more.

    Simulation programs are growing more intentional in how simulation is used to assess student progress and how new technologies are used to enhance learning.


    ELC’s theme this year was “Setting Sail.” Part of that theme was “All Hands-On Deck,” describing the need for collaboration among Generations X, Y (also known as Millennials), and Z. With Generation Z replacing Millennials in college classrooms, educators must be aware of the unique needs of their students.

    Pocket Nurse values these opportunities to learn more about innovations, issues, and practices in the healthcare simulation and medical education fields. Follow us on social media to learn more about the trade shows we attend.

    IM-PTPAC-evan booth 10_10-2019-TwitterEvan Stiger is Marketing Coordinator II at Pocket Nurse. He can be reached at estiger@pocketnurse. Pocket Nurse is on Twitter @Pocket_Nurse, Facebook, and Instagram @pocketnurse_pgh.